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If your initial complaint has been resolved, you may find you don’t need to further your treatment, but you may want to! When you become aware of how your body feels when you are aligned, you will also notice how it feels when it’s misaligned. Thus, you may seek out regular maintenance care to prevent injuries from recurring. It’s just like going to the dentist every 6 months even if you don’t have any toothaches.

Lower back pain is often the most common complaint seen in Chiropractic offices, but Chiropractice care can help with so much more. Chiropractors focus on keeping the nervous system at its optimal level, and since nerves are found throughout the body, treatment is not limited to just lower back pain.

Harmony Chiropractic does not offer contracts or payment plans for treatments. The cost will vary and is dependent on how many treatments your symptoms will require. Harmony Chiropractic can direct bill for most third party insurance companies and active MPI and WCB claims. For more information on pricing for initial and subsequent visits, please call our office. 

If there is pain already located in the area being treated, the adjustments may accentuate that pain and feel tender, but typically adjustments will not hurt. There are many different techniques for adjusting, some of which are extremely gentle –gentle enough to be used for newborn babies. If you’re nervous about being adjusted, or have had adjustments cause pain in the past, we will help you find treatment options which are better suited to your needs.

No, it’s not your bones cracking!

That “pop” you might hear while being adjusted is what chiropractors call a cavitation. Surrounding each of the joints in your spine is a small capsule filled with fluid, as as the force of an adjustment is applied to a specific joint (and its capsule), a bubble of air may form and then pop, creating the noise you hear. While some patients are scared and others pleased to hear that sound, it is merely a side effect and not required to achieve a proper adjustment.

Remember: Eggs get cracked, spines get adjusted! 

No problem!

There are many effective adjusting techniques that can achieve results without needing manual manipulation. Please let us know your concerns and we will find a treatment option that is better suited for you.

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