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My what is causing my back pain?!

We are all aware of how things such as poor posture, uncomfortable chairs, and bad lifting techniques can all contribute to lower back pain. And maybe by now you’ve changed all these things, but still find yourself suffering. Well believe it or not, primarily for men, something small enough to fit in your pocket could be the cause: your wallet.

And no, I’m not referencing your bank account. I’m talking about your actual wallet! If it’s common practice for you to carry your wallet in your back pocket, you are affecting your body mechanics in a very unhealthy way.

When you sit, that wallet underneath you acts as a wedge, and prevents your body from resting evenly on the surface of the chair. Even more so if your wallet is big and bulky and hasn’t been cleaned out in a while. If you’re sitting right now, try raising one side of your pelvis about an inch off your seat. Pretty uncomfortable, isn’t it? Now imagine the impact of sitting like this day after day, meeting after meeting, car ride after car ride. Your muscles become tight and tense, your pelvis becomes misaligned, and your spine needs to compensate for this shift by tilting itself into misalignment as well. It’s a mess!

And worst of all, that wallet is situated in the perfect spot to irritate the very important sciatic nerve. This nerve – which begins in the low back and travels down to your legs – is responsible for the muscles in the back of your thigh, as well as your legs and feet. If this nerve gets compressed or irritated (say, by pressure from sitting on a wallet all day), you could develop sciatica, which isn’t very fun!

The best thing to do is to prevent these problems altogether by taking your wallet out of your back pocket before you sit down.  Or make the switch to carrying your wallet in your front pocket instead. And don’t forget to give us a call – your spine will thank you!

Are you guilty of sitting on your wallet? Come clean in the comments below!

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