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As summer gets into full swing, many of us start returning to outdoor activities we haven’t done since last year. And with this increase in yard work, summer sports, and home renos, some aches and pains are bound to come with it.

If you’ve noticed your elbow and forearm feeling painful, weak, or even tingling, you might be suffering from tennis elbow, even if you haven’t picked up a racquet. Despite its misleading name, tennis elbow is a common injury that can occur with any type of repetitive activity – not just tennis. Swimmers, baseball players, carpenters, and even cashiers can all suffer from the condition.

Tennis elbow occurs slowly over time and often without a big injury. The overuse causes muscles and tendons in the forearm to become irritated and weakened, causing micro-tears in the tissues and results in inflammation. It can be acute or chronic, and most commonly appears in those ages 35-55.

Those suffering from tennis elbow often describe difficulty turning doorknobs, lifting their morning cup of coffee, making a fist/gripping, or even just lifting everyday objects.

Treatment often consists of modifying or taking a break from the repetitive activity that caused the injury, icing the area, and visiting your chiropractor. Chiropractors can ensure that the joints in the arm and wrist are moving properly, perform muscle work on the affected tissues, and prescribe stretches and exercises to strengthen the area. Chiropractors can also recommend braces for the elbow to be worn during periods of activity.

While it may start slowly, tennis elbow shouldn’t be ignored, as the pain can spread into the wrist and hand and is unlikely to heal on its own. If you think you may have tennis elbow, book an appointment and we’d be happy to help!

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