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A very common question I get asked in my office is “why did you become a chiropractor”, and it’s one of my favourites!

If you ask any chiropractor this same question, you’ll find yourself getting various answers. Some had a direct and personal experience with chiropractic at a young age, some grew up with parents or family members who were chiropractors, and some had family members impacted by the profession. My story falls into the latter category.

Years ago one summer, my mom was outside working in our yard with our dog Casper.  Our dog loved to bark and try to chase any big trucks or vehicles that drove by, so we always kept him on a leash when he was outside. Unfortunately, this meant he would sometimes jump up and go running unexpectedly, and his leash would go flying too. As my mom was working that day, Casper had gone running to chase one of the vehicles, and my mom unluckily tripped over his leash and fell. Fortunately, my mom wasn’t seriously hurt by the fall, but she did notice her shoulder was in some pain afterword. She shrugged it off and continued on her day.

As days and weeks passed, my mom noticed her shoulder wasn’t getting any better, and had somehow managed to get worse. She couldn’t reach above her head and had a lot of trouble doing the usual tasks she was used to doing. Something as simple as putting a shirt on was suddenly very difficult, and watching my mom struggle with her daily activities was frustrating.

To help treat her injury, my mom went to physiotherapy, tried acupuncture, and had appointments with various medical doctors. She had an MRI of her shoulder, and despite all these tests and treatments, no one could find a cause of her injury, or relieve her pain. She had all but given up.

That’s when a friend reached out to her about a chiropractor she saw, and she tried to convince my mom to see her. My mom was reluctant – she had never been to a chiropractor before – but she felt desperate to try anything that could help her. She tried it out, and realized it wasn’t as scary as she thought it was going to be. Within a few short weeks, my mom’s shoulder was pain free and she was back to her usual activities.

Watching my mom struggle for months with her injury but find relief so quickly with chiropractic care was so inspiring. I had always grown up wanting to help people and thought I would always end up a medical doctor, but suddenly I realized maybe I was meant to help people in another way. Soon after my mom’s treatments, I began seeing the same chiropractor, and started researching how to become one myself.

I’ve been so fortunate to treat many patients who have stories just like my mom’s, and it’s been so rewarding to hear them get back to the activities they love to do without pain. If you’re struggling through an injury and haven’t found relief through other treatments, give us a call – I’d love to help!

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