How We’re Keeping You Safe

We’ve missed you! And we’re so happy to be providing in-office treatments for our patients again. A lot has changed over the past few months and our office may look a bit different now, but we want you to know the safety of our patients and our staff remain our number one priority. We’ve once again implemented updated procedures and safety measures to make you feel safe returning for care, and to adhere to government guidelines.

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Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

The world is a stressful place right now. With the news of the COVID-19 outbreak reaching Manitoba last week, our province and community is working to keep everyone safe.

But as self-isolation sets in, so can panic and worry. This causes stress to be at an all-time high, and uncertainty and confusion to become commonplace. And while we worry about the physical health of ourselves and others around us, we also need to check in on our mental health.
Here are some ways to help:

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Backpack 101

It’s back to school time! Whether your kids are excited for the first day, or already dreading the alarm clock, it won’t be long before they begin to come home with backpacks filled with books and homework. But all of that weight and stress of their backpack could contribute to back pain if not carried correctly. Read on for tips to ensure your child is carrying their schoolwork safely.

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My Chiropractic Story

A very common question I get asked in my office is “why did you become a chiropractor”, and it’s one of my favourites!

If you ask any chiropractor this same question, you’ll find yourself getting various answers. Some had a direct and personal experience with chiropractic at a young age, some grew up with parents or family members who were chiropractors, and some had family members impacted by the profession. My story falls into the latter category. Read More