Backpack 101

It’s back to school time! Whether your kids are excited for the first day, or already dreading the alarm clock, it won’t be long before they begin to come home with backpacks filled with books and homework. But all of that weight and stress of their backpack could contribute to back pain if not carried correctly. Read on for tips to ensure your child is carrying their schoolwork safely.

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Common Conditions: Tennis Elbow

As summer gets into full swing, many of us start returning to outdoor activities we haven’t done since last year. And with this increase in yard work, summer sports, and home renos, some aches and pains are bound to come with it.

If you’ve noticed your elbow and forearm feeling painful, weak, or even tingling, you might be suffering from tennis elbow, even if you haven’t picked up a racquet. Despite its misleading name, tennis elbow is a common injury that can occur with any type of repetitive activity – not just tennis. Swimmers, baseball players, carpenters, and even cashiers can all suffer from the condition.

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My Chiropractic Story

A very common question I get asked in my office is “why did you become a chiropractor”, and it’s one of my favourites!

If you ask any chiropractor this same question, you’ll find yourself getting various answers. Some had a direct and personal experience with chiropractic at a young age, some grew up with parents or family members who were chiropractors, and some had family members impacted by the profession. My story falls into the latter category. Read More

The Annual PJ Drive is Here

Whether we like it or not, the cold weather is here to stay. And while we all like to complain about it at some point or another, us Winnipeggers are usually pretty tough when it comes to our winters. We have plenty of tried and true ways to stay warm for the duration of the season. But for struggling families, staying warm can sometimes be harder than it seems.

This month, our office is supporting the Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association and United Way to provide over 1500 new pairs of pajamas for children whose families are struggling with issues like poverty, food security, and mental or physical illness. But we need your help!

The program runs until December 3rd, and we are collecting NEW PJs in all sizes from newborn to youth XL.

Not a patient here? No problem! Feel free to drop off donations anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to see what chiropractic is all about while you’re here!

Help us give local children a good night’s sleep this winter!

For more information, visit our page or call our office (204.505.4325)!